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Old-Time Fiddle Tunes on Harmonica

Why the title “Old-Time Fiddle Tunes on Harmonica“?

Why not just “Old Time Tunes on Harmonica”? Or “Old-Time Harmonica” The answer is that that’s the way I approach it—like a fiddle. Most folks who play old-time harmonica use a different tuning and approach different from mine. 

Of course, a harp is not a fiddle. There’s a lot of fiddle stuff one just can’t play on a harmonica, and the harmonica offers its own possibilities. But I found that with some work, some thinking, some fooling around, I could play good versions of tunes modeled closely on fiddle versions. So that’s what you get in this book. I don’t play in traditional harmonica styles—and those styles include some really amazing stuff. What you’ll learn here is, well, how to play fiddle tunes that sound good and are fun to play—on your own or with others—on an instrument you can carry in your pocket. 

How to order

To place an order, email Cary at Payment by PayPal or Venmo.


  • Option A: Printed book plus PDF ebook with a paddy-richter tuned Easttop harmonica in the key of A: $40 + $5 shipping = $45
  • Option B: PDF ebook with the harmonica: $35 + $5 shipping = $40
  • Option C: Book only (printed copy): $16 + $4 shipping = $20
  • Option D: ebook (PDF) only: $16

Seydel Special Offer: Those who buy the book will also get a code to get 10% off any Seydel paddy-richter tuned harmonicas at the Seydel online store. These are professional quality instruments.

Access the audio tracks here

Listen to a sample from Cary’s new album of fiddle tunes on harp, “North Carolina Breakdown”:

Sample: Rickett’s Hornpipe & Kentucky Winder